Prof. Taifo Mahmud

Oregon State University, USA


    Contemporary Approaches to Natural Products for Cancer Chemotherapy and Prevention

    The application of contemporary molecular genetic approaches to study the biosynthesis of bioactive natural products has revolutionized the way drugs are discovered. Using genetically engineered microorganisms, numerous structurally altered complex bioactive natural products have been generated. Over the past two decades, research within our laboratory has focused on the biosynthesis of bioactive natural products and the use of combined genetic, synthetic, and enzymology methodologies to generate novel pharmaceutically important compounds. Using bioassay-guided discovery, biosynthetic engineering, chemo-enzymatic, and synthetic biology approaches, we have generated numerous novel analogs of natural products from several bacterial systems. Some of them have excellent pharmacological/toxicity profiles. Recent progress on these various efforts, particularly those related to cancer chemotherapy and prevention, will be discussed.


    Dr. Taifo Mahmud is a Professor in the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University. Dr. Mahmud’s research interests are broadly in bioorganic and natural products chemistry; biosynthesis of microbial secondary metabolites; and the interface of molecular genetics, enzymology, and chemistry to create and develop novel pharmaceutically active leads. Prior to coming to OSU, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Washington, 1997-2000. He received his Ph. D. from Osaka University in 1997, his M.Sc. from the University of North Sumatra, 1994, and a B.S. in Apothecary, 1991.